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Abstract Scraper Painting

Whether at home or outside, a quick art with minimum effort is always a good idea.

Usually, original abstract art is very pricy and hard to get.

But, the Children's Art Museum of India can help you out. You only need paint, canvas, and a paint scraper. These are the only items you need to create your type of abstract art.

Material required:

  • Stretched and primed canvas

  • Acrylic paint (in various colours)

  • Paint roller

  • Paint scraper

Steps to make your abstract art:

  1. Apply your chosen base colour to your canvas.

  2. Wait for the paint to dry after you've completely covered your canvas.

  3. Begin adding coloured strokes to your canvas with a paint scraper. To get a feel for it, try it out on paper first – for a thick, paint-filled line, hold the scraper almost horizontally and gently glide it over the canvas to spread the paint

  4. Tip - Rather than holding it upright and dragging it forcefully which will just end up scraping all the paint off

  5. You'll notice that some of the paint strokes are wider than others; this is where you can change from a narrow to a wider paint scraper.

  6. For different effects, try varying the widths of your paint scraper.

  7. After the paint has dried, all you have to do now is hang it up and admire your work.

We tried to make the process easy and efficient for you. Can't wait to see your artwork on our platform. Hurry submit your art now!

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