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Art Trends in Year 2022

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Trends, like art trends, come and go on a regular basis. However, unlike an art movement driven by ideas, art trends tend to be more consumer-driven. There are many different types of art made around the world, and everyone has their own interests and preferences when it comes to art. Consumers, collectors, and curators, on the other hand, frequently influence which styles of art become popular trends.

Impressionism and pop art are examples of influential genres that grew out of nowhere to become the dominating artistic style of a period. However, a new trend will inevitably emerge, and contemporary art will take its place. Classical architecture, for example, can be restored centuries later, as evidenced by the neoclassical period. Millennials' desire for experiences over stuff has fuelled the trend for immersive experiential art throughout the last decade. Artists like Yayoi Kusama and Ai Wei Wei benefited from this movement.

Street art and graffiti have enjoyed a surge in popularity in the last decade, despite the fact that they have existed for millennia. The trend of street painters moving into commercial spaces or painting on canvas is expected to continue throughout the new year.

The following are the top eight art trends to watch in 2022:

1. Virtual Art Exhibitions

The Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the popularity of virtual art by a factor of ten. Virtual art events have evolved and gotten more complex as a result of need, allowing artists to reach increasingly worldwide audiences even during a period when most people are unable to travel.

To develop virtual artistic experiences, museums, galleries, and even art festivals like Burning Man have turned to online platforms. These art events are available digitally so that audiences can enjoy them from the comfort of their own homes, no matter where they are in the world.

2. Design in 3D Motion Graphics

As technology allows us to enjoy art from the comfort of our own homes, 3D art and motion graphics are also on the rise. Digital art, on the other hand, isn't limited to your computer or smartphone screen. Vadim Soloviov, for example, is creating digital outdoor shows with 3D motion graphics in an outdoor setting, ushering in a new vision of "street art."

3. Outdoor Art

Street art, crypto art, and outdoor activations are all part of a larger movement of bringing art outside or into unusual places. Art outdoors refers to a broader movement aimed at democratising art by displaying it as public art in unusual and creative settings. Across mediums, there is a continual emphasis on exhibiting work in non-traditional contexts.

4. Contemporary Art

While many of the art trends for 2022 are focused on technology, there is also a counter-trend for artworks that are more focused on nature. As a kind of escapism from the stress of modern city life, nature has always been a popular motif in art. Artists seek a reconnecting with nature and provide much-needed respite for their viewers from the limitations of their living rooms. Other artists use natural themes as a commentary on the global climate problem, and use their art to represent the climate struggle.

5. African Art

Historically, art movements have been centred on distinct geographical areas. Europe was the epicentre of innovation for ages, followed by America and Asia. The time has arrived for African art to take centre stage. Contemporary African artists may use digital technology to reach out to new audiences and show off their ability and inventiveness.

6. Neon Home

When you think of neon, not your bedroom or living room. However, during the past few years, artists such as Glenn Ligon, Tracey Emin, and Jung Lee have been driving a vogue for brilliant neon artworks. As neon artworks grow more widespread, the trend is going from the gallery to the walls of our homes.

7. Fusion of Art and Science

Artists and scientists are both concerned about topics such as climate change. Artists can use aesthetic ways to discuss complex scientific subjects, bringing them to new audiences. TBA21-Academy, a scientific and environmental organisation, has commissioned research-intensive artworks to showcase its scientific initiatives.

8. Discover Contemporary Art

Art fads come and go, and serious art collectors will keep a watch on popular or cutting-edge artworks for trends. However, art is highly subjective, and many individuals collect it for the sheer pleasure of it, rather than because it is fashionable or a smart investment.

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