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The Paper Craft Guide

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Each sculpture has a story behind it. So when it comes to a craft like origami, then you can create anything you want with your paper folding skills. Learn the basics of paper craft, origami and other crafts like it. Paper crafts are a very interesting and fun art that can be done by anyone. The materials required to make paper crafts are very basic and mostly include paper and glue. The simplest paper craft that you can make is a paper chain. These chains can be made in different patterns and be made into a variety of things.

Paper is the most important component in the Art and Craft kit. It's not just for drawing and painting. Certain types of paper can also be used to make origami, and greeting cards, and serve as a foundation for other writing and colouring materials. Artists can learn about the various paper crafts and eventually discover what they enjoy making the most with the right sheets.

So, without further ado, here are the techniques used by various sorts of paper artists and crafters

Copy Paper

The most basic type of paper is copy paper. It's the printer sheets that you use to print documents. On copy paper, kids can draw or sketch, but painting on it may not be the ideal experience. Watercolour will seep through the thin layer, enveloping the paper.

Different weights of copy paper are available. The typical weight of 20 pounds provides a great surface for pencil drawing, doodling, and sketching. A stronger copy paper will perform better for designs that require a lot of shading, blending, and erasing. Consider a weight range of 24 to 28 pounds.

Art Paper

Art paper features a rough surface that is ideal for watercolour painting. Art paper, on the other hand, is already coloured and is more typically used for origami and other folded papercrafts. In any event, allowing your children to play with art paper broadens their perception of colour.


This piece of paper blurs the distinction between cardboard and paper. It's rigid, smooth, and thin, making it ideal for oil paints and most other colouring and drawing mediums. Greeting cards should be printed on high-quality cardstock paper.

Construction Paper

Because construction paper is stiffer and thicker than copy paper and art paper, it can resemble cardstock paper. However, because it isn't thick enough, it isn't a good painting surface. Instead, use a coloured pen, crayon, or marker pen to doodle or draw on it. Folded papercrafts can also be made out of construction paper.

Paper Tissue

Tissue paper is the type of paper that is frequently packed into your online order boxes. They give weight to the box, protect your belongings, or add a decorative aspect, especially in a cosmetics or lifestyle product package. Tissue paper, on the other hand, is capable of much more. They can be used to produce a false stained glass look in art.

Paper Origami

The purpose of this paper is to make origami. It comes in a variety of colours and patterns, so young artists may use it to make a variety of projects. They can make a simple bird, fish, frog, dog, cat, or something niftier like an origami bouquet, depending on their ability. They can stick that on a cardboard greeting card to give it a personal touch.

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