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CAMI's Pick: From Here to Everywhere - Please Touch Museum

Updated: May 6

Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia's Fairmount Park lies a magical place called the Please Touch Museum (PTM) This isn't your typical museum with hushed voices and "do not touch" signs.

PTM is a vibrant wonderland designed specifically for children aged eight and under, where exploration and hands-on learning reign supreme.

A World of Interactive Exhibits:

Step into PTM and be greeted by a cacophony of happy squeals and the boundless energy of young explorers. Interactive exhibits like "Centennial Innovations" spark curiosity about science and technology, while "Roadside Attractions" transport children to a whimsical miniature world.

Budding chefs can whip up pretend feasts in the "Food & Family" exhibit, while little artists can unleash their creativity in the "Wonderland" and "Imagination Playground" areas. The iconic "Please Touch Garden" offers a breath of fresh air and a chance for active play with slides, climbing structures, and water features. 

Learning Through Play:

PTM understands the power of play in early childhood development.  Through these interactive exhibits and programs, children can:

  • Develop fine and gross motor skills: Climbing, building, and creating art activities all contribute to physical development.

  • Spark creativity and imagination: Pretend play and open-ended art activities encourage imaginative thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Foster social interaction: Playing alongside other children allows for communication, collaboration, and building friendships.

  • Nurture a love for learning: Interactive exhibits make learning fun and engaging, encouraging a lifelong love for discovery.

Programs for Every Explorer:

PTM goes beyond static exhibits. They offer a vibrant program schedule tailored for different age groups and interests.  Younger children can enjoy “Tot Spot” with age-appropriate sensory experiences. Storytime sessions bring books and beloved characters to life.

For older kids, there are art and science workshops where they can create exciting projects using various materials. The museum also hosts special events and temporary exhibits throughout the year, catering to diverse interests and learning styles.

But this is not all! PTM offers many such workshops, programs and other temporary exhibits to keep you engaged. So, if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia, be sure to check their website for the latest offerings and plan a visit to this incredible museum!

Also, don't miss out on their incredible travelling exhibit, Namaste India! This interactive exhibition brings the vibrant culture, art, and traditions of India directly to curious young minds. This exhibit is on view through May 5, 2024. The next traveling exhibit, Wild Kratts®: Creature Power®!, is based on a popular children’s television series and will be on display from May 31 through September 1. 

CAMI’s Takeaway

At the Children's Art Museum of India (CAMI), we wholeheartedly applaud the Please Touch Museum's commitment to fostering creativity and early childhood learning through immersive play. Their interactive exhibits and engaging programs provide a valuable resource for families, nurturing curiosity and sparking a lifelong love for the arts and exploration. Whether you're visiting Philadelphia or seeking inspiration for your own online platform, PTM is a must-see for anyone passionate about the power of play in a child's development.

Ready to Explore?

The Please Touch Museum offers a world of wonder for young learners. If you're planning a trip to Philadelphia, be sure to include PTM on your itinerary. Remember, at CAMI, we believe in the transformative power of art for children. Visit our online platform for a treasure trove of art projects, tutorials, and resources to ignite your child's artistic journey, no matter where you are in the world.

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