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Creative Ways to Display Kids' Artwork at Home

Updated: May 24

Your little Picassos are busy creating masterpieces! From finger paintings to crayon creations, their artwork fills your home with bursts of color and imagination. But all those drawings can quickly take over the fridge door. So, how can you proudly display their artwork while keeping things organized? Here are some creative ideas to transform your home into a mini art gallery:

Think Beyond the Fridge:

  • Rotating Gallery Wall: Dedicate a wall in your hallway, living room, or even their bedroom for showcasing artwork. Use clothespins, washi tape, or picture frames to create a rotating display. Swap out pieces regularly to keep things fresh!

  • Upcycled Frames: Got old picture frames gathering dust? Give them a new lease on life with a fresh coat of paint or glitter. Let your child choose the colors and designs for an extra special touch!

  • Mobile Masterpieces: Punch holes in their artwork and string them together with yarn or ribbon to create a beautiful and mobile art display.

  • DIY String Gallery: Stretch some twine or yarn across a wall or doorway and clip up artwork with clothespins. Let your child arrange their pieces in a creative design!

  • Mason Jar Marvels: Repurpose old mason jars by turning them into mini picture frames. Paint the lids, decorate with ribbons, and use them to display smaller drawings.

  • Clothespin Clothesline: String a clothesline across a sunny spot in your home. Clip up artwork and add pops of color with clothespins in different shapes and sizes.

  • Theme Time: Have a themed art week! Experiment with different materials and techniques, then dedicate a display area to showcasing their themed creations.

  • Interactive Displays: Turn their artwork into a game! Use clothespins with labels for categories like "Animals," "My Family," or "My Dreams" and let them categorize their art.

Remember, the key is to have fun and encourage your child's creativity!

Looking for more inspiration?

Visit CAMI's website or follow us on social media for engaging art activities and ideas designed to spark your child's imagination. We believe every child is an artist, and we can't wait to see their masterpieces displayed proudly in your home!

Share your Child's art with the Children’s Art Museum of India

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