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Landscaping the right way!

You don’t have to be an expert to paint dreamy landscapes, all you need is to understand some basic concepts and you’re good to go. We’ve compiled the best tips from experts to take you closer to that perfect landscape. Read till the end and procreate!

A landscape painting is colouring down the beauty of nature on your canvas. The beauty of nature doesn’t necessarily have to be realistic; it can be in a sense of how you perceive nature. Follow these tips to achieve that perfect landscape.

1) Simplify the landscape- You don’t want to clutter your canvas. So while painting busy landscapes, don’t stress about replicating every detail; create a more abstract background instead of a hyper-realistic and overly-crowded background.

2) Create focus points- To simplify the painting, focus on the important aspects of the landscape. Try to draw attention to the meaningful objects in your painting by highlighting with delicate brush-work and bright colors. Emphasize on bringing that focus point to life.

3) Basic Value Distribution- Value distribution tells the reader which parts of the painting correspond to which features of the landscape. This creates relativity in the actual landscape and the painting, and this makes more sense to the brain. Value distribution clarifies the scene for viewers. This is an important tip that separates good painters and bad painters.

4) Create Illusion- Instead of painting a hundred trees; try creating an illusion for a hundred trees. The brain uses context clues to fill in gaps. So when the brain sees a green patch near the mountain it’ll assume it is a forest. So instead of focusing on painstakingly painting every object, focus on creating the illusion.

5) Expand Colour Composition- Expanding the colour composition can take the painting to the next level. It breaks up fields of similar colours and gives the painting a more complex look. So instead of making the painting monotonous by using basic colours, try experimenting with different shades.

Follow these tips next time you paint a landscape and see the difference in the artwork. It’s all about getting the right knowledge and understanding the audience.

All the best for your future landscaping!

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