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Portrait - Bring art to life

Portrait photography is one of the most used forms of photography. People of all ages want a portrait of themselves or their families. There are different styles of portraiture, the two most common being headshots and full body shots. Both types of portraits can be used for many different purposes. The full body shot is also called a lifestyle shot, It can be used for anything from social media to a portfolio.

Creating a great portrait is more than just a question of ability. It takes skill, knowledge, and experience to get the results you really want. Portraits can be quite challenging and this blog will help you to understand how to do it by explaining the techniques and showing samples of how it can be done. It will discuss the different parts of a portrait and what to look out for in a portrait.

The portrait is a work of art, which can be expressed in the form of paintings, sculptures, photographs and other graphic arts. Portraits have been made since time immemorial, but the first portrait was made in the early Renaissance period. The portrait is the most important form of artistic expression and the most powerful creative medium for the visual expression of the human essence.

What do the details in any artwork tell us about the person's life?

Examine things like -

● Facial expression - Does the sitter look happy, sad, contemplative, or sarcastic? Lively or tired? Peaceful or angry? Friendly or menacing?

● Gesture or pose - What is the sitter doing? Are they sitting still, or standing? Are they riding a horse? Are they gazing out to sea? Holding a basket of flowers? Are they pointing at something?

● Clothing - How is the person dressed? Clothes - do they wear fancy clothes? Military regalia? A black evening gown? Or are they more modestly dressed? Are they wearing tattered clothes? Are the fashions contemporary or old?

● Setting - Where does the portrait take place? Is it indoors or outdoors? What do the surroundings look like? Shabby or elegant? Modern or dated? Is it in someone's kitchen? Or on top of a mountain?

● Objects - What other objects are in the painting, besides the sitter? If they are sitting down, what kind of chair is it - a fancy ornate chair, a soft velvet sofa, or a plain wooden chair? Are they holding anything? Are there objects in the painting that grab your attention?

Styles of Portrait Painting -

  1. Portraits can be realistic or expressionistic

  2. They can use normal skin colours or unconventional colour schemes

  3. Features can be detailed and delicate or created with rough brush strokes

  4. The artwork may show just a face or include different objects and features

  5. The face can be three-dimensional or the features can be flat

  6. The art might cover the surface or remain unfinished

It is all up to your will, your style and your imagination but don’t forget to share it with us. We hope you enjoyed this blog, focusing on how to bring art to life. This blog showed you some of our favourite tips and tricks on how to bring art to life in your home, so you can enjoy the art you already have and have the option to display more!

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