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6 Popular Art Forms in 2022

The various kinds of art vary as the art world changes. Indeed, as new media have arrived, the notion of the great seven kinds of art has been updated multiple times with the emergence of diverse sorts of art over the ages.

Painting, Sculpture, Literature, Architecture, Theatre, Film, and Music are the seven different art forms. The Liberal Arts, which included Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy, and Music, were referred to as such back in the day.

From the liberal arts to the art forms we know today, there has been a distinct evolution within the seven art forms. In actuality, with the Liberal Arts, also known as the Artes Liberales, only music and possibly literature were recognised as art forms from a historical perspective.

Let's check out 6 art popular art forms in the year 2022.

1. Painting

We'll start with painting, which is one of the most popular and thus perhaps one of the most important art disciplines. Painting has always been a powerful force in the arts; consider the Arnolfini Portrait, where the craftsmen began to become artists.

The artist works on a two-dimensional surface when painting. A stretched linen or cotton canvas, or a hardwood panel, is the most common surface. Some painters paint on metal or even plastic, such as copper or linoleum, to name a couple of examples.

2. Sculptures

Sculpture is, without a doubt, the second major pillar of visual arts. Sculpture encompasses all three-dimensional artworks, therefore it is no longer restricted to the dimensional surface of a painting, drawing, or photograph. Stone, wood, metal, clay, ivory, plaster, marble, copper, and bronze are the most common materials used to create sculptures.

These materials are still commonly used today. However, with the introduction of new technologies, such as 3D printing, plexiglass, fibreglass, steel, epoxy, and electronic devices, the sculpture now employs a wide range of materials.

Not only did technological advancements have an impact on the materials utilised, but they also had an impact on the evolution of art history. Marcel Duchamp's fountain, which introduced the ready-made into the three-dimensional world of sculpture, is without a doubt one of the most pivotal moments in recent art history. Since then, everyday things, which can be pretty much anything, have been used in sculpture. Furthermore, with the introduction of Installation Art, three-dimensional artworks are no longer limited to being fixed items, but may also be used as home decor or as an assemblage of artefacts.

3. Literature

We take a break from the visual arts to focus on literature as our third mode of expression. Poetry, prose, drama, fiction, and non-fiction are all examples of literature as an art form. Essays, letters, diaries, and biographies are the most prevalent non-fiction genres.

For millennia, literature has been seen as a type of art. Consider poetry from the Middle Ages. The same creative movements of visual arts can be found in literature throughout.

4. Architecture

Architectural monuments are cultural markers that identify not only a place, such as a city but also a time period. They are a historical record of a specific particular period, as we have always aspired to great heights with our building. Communication is a sort of architecture. It has the ability to convey a tale, scare people, persuade someone to believe in something, or contribute to a spiritual experience.

Visual art movements, like literary movements, are translated into architectural movements. Consider Greek classical architecture, Gothic architecture replete with gothic sculptures and religious paintings during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Brunelleschi dome in Firenze.

5. Realistic Art

Alternative names for this work include realistic art and realistic style. In the terms of art, realistic art is the portrayal of nature or modern life that is genuine, intricate, and unvarnished. In favour of a thorough examination of visible appearances, realism opposes imaginative idealisation.

6. Computer Art

Any artwork that is created or presented using digital technology is known as digital art. The term 'computer art' or 'multimedia art' have been used as synonyms for digital art for quite some time now. Digital art is classified as part of the larger category of new media art.

We hope that you learnt something new and will incorporate these art forms into your practice.

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