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Art Around Us

Whether it's a Renaissance painting or a modern sculpture, the word 'art' is most commonly associated with pieces of work in a gallery or museum. However, art encompasses far more than what is displayed in galleries. The truth is that we are constantly surrounded by art and use it without even realising it. Most people are unaware of how important art is in our lives and how much we rely on it in various forms in our daily lives.

Art in the home

You almost certainly have some form of art in your home. Obviously, a painting, print, or photograph on the wall will be the first thing that comes to mind. If you don't have any of these items on your walls, don't worry; if you look around, you'll be surprised at how much art you actually have! Art isn't just for looking at and admiring; it can also serve a practical purpose, especially in our homes. Everything from a charmingly patterned quilt on the bed, decorative tea towels, or that adorable pink heart-shaped teapot to a sleek computer case or an anglepoise desk lamp can be considered art.

The Pleasure of Art

You might be wondering why all of these things are so important in our daily lives, and whether you could get by just fine with non-artistic essentials. That is precisely why art is so valuable. While art isn't necessary to meet our basic needs, it does make life more enjoyable. You feel happy when you look at a painting or poster you've chosen to hang on your living room wall. On the kitchen windowsill, the sculpture or figurines bring joy. These various art forms that surround us all combine to create the atmosphere that we want to live in, one that is unique to us.

Art that Inspires

Workplaces are frequently decorated with inspirational art, such as posters, to encourage employees to stay productive. Companies are increasingly using art in their offices, as well as playing background music because it has been proven to improve the quality of the end product.

You may have a piece of art in your home that you find inspirational. Perhaps a print with a beautiful scrolled positive affirmation or quote, or a painting of a picturesque scene from a destination you hope to visit one day. We've even heard of people motivating themselves to go to the gym by hanging posters of their favourite singer or Hollywood actress!

Take inspiration from things around you and create your masterpiece today.

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