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Concept of Interestingness

Our mind has its own little critic that will force us to ask ourselves a basic question “Will anyone like my work?” Well, there might not be a way to stop that little voice in your head but we can try a different concept every time this question pops up in our head.

Practically speaking, these are just a few concepts that usually work for everyone. This will give you a different perspective and a unique approach to make your art “interesting”. These are some basic principles that will guide you in your work and help you garner modest success as an artist.

1. Simple is Relatable- It is of utmost importance to keep your art simple and by simple we mean easy to describe. Good art always offers something more to the viewers; it is always grounded in something recognizable. Our brain might not do the work of deciphering a work of art which is complicated to understand or relate to, so the brain moves on. We need our artwork to be engaging and for that, we need our art to be relatable.

2. Art should have a creative payoff- Now this might not be a very technical solution but it is an important one. Payoff is that something “extra” in an artwork that will make it stand out. This is correlated to the point above; an art maybe simple but may not hold as much creativity as is necessary to get that attention. So, while trying to make your art simple, understand that your art must have some payoff-moments to catch the spotlight.

3) Relevance- It is a very important aspect of any artwork. When considering interestingness, we are constantly judging our work from the viewers’ perspective. It is important to understand the common points of interest for the audience to make the art relevant. This can be a little tricky because we cannot read minds, but what we can do is change our perspective. Our art need not be relevant to everyone but the target group to know who our audience is.

4) Do not look for External Validation- This may not be very technical but is very much relevant to the concept of interestingness. When you start working just to be praised you might start losing your unique style and concept. In the race of getting the most likes, you forget why you started in the first place. This will create monotony in your artwork and your art might not make you as happy as it used to. When you go into a new concept, thinking about how to gain the acceptance and praise of others, you soften the meaningful edges. Art is your perspective and makes sure it remains that way.

5) Let the ideas come to you- It is important to understand that we cannot force an idea into our brains. Inspiration hits in unique ways and that brings out the most creative work. So let your imagination work on its own timeline rather than working on a deadline.

This will help you understand where you might get wrong and get you back on track. It is important to understand the uniqueness of your ideas and the interestingness will follow.

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