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Create folk art inspired by Indian culture

The word folk art is derived from the Russian word Folklor which stands for Folklore. This folk art means the artefacts created by the common people for their own use and for entertainment. Nowadays it has become a lucrative business. How is it that you can find that many Indian folk art fans? What are the reasons behind the popularity of Indian folk art? To understand the popularity of Indian folk art, it is important to understand the history of Indian art.

Art as we know has been used for ages to express emotions and feelings in a form of visual representation. A variety of artists create art in the forms of paintings and sculptures but few express their emotions in a form of traditional Indian art. Art is an important part of Indian culture. There are so many different art forms that it's almost impossible to mention them all. The rich culture of India has many aspects which are instantly recognizable and some which are lost in time. This folk art is rich in tradition but is also a medium for expressing many feelings, thoughts, and stories.

Indian culture is rich in every aspect, be it in terms of food, clothing, festivals, and also in terms of Folk Art. Folk Art is a form of art which is practised by the people of rural areas of India till today. The main aim of this art is to depict their culture, beliefs and traditions. The themes used in this art are mainly drawn from the everyday life of rural people. There are many designs and patterns in India. India is home to a large number of artisans who are making incredible traditional and modern artwork. India also has a long history of textile and embroidery art. The art of embroidery dates back many centuries to the time when people were using animal skin clothes and wanted to design the clothes beautifully.

You can take inspiration from all the elements mentioned above and create some wonderful artwork today. India is so culturally rich and has ample art forms to practice. Start working on your next big project today and don't forget to submit your artwork to the Children's Art Museum of India.

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