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What is India’s history in folk art and culture?

We always wondered "What is India's History in folk art and culture and why it is so uncelebrated?" With no proper answer coming forth, we set to find out ourselves. Researching and writing this blog was a great learning experience.

India is one of the ancient civilizations that can boast of a rich and colourful history. Since ancient times, India has been known for its diverse cultures and thematic art forms. The country also has such a rich history in folk art that it is easy to go astray in the variety of its forms. In this blog, we will focus on India’s history in folk art, its history and its development into an art form.

Folk art and culture in India are a unique mix of various arts and cultures that make up the country. It is very important to know about India's history in folk art and culture so that you can know about what these diverse elements are.

India is a multi-coloured mix of varying cultures, ethnicity and languages. Each region has its own set of festivals, food and tradition. India has a history of folk art and culture which dates back centuries. Folklore is the stories, myths, and legends of a particular culture. This folk art and culture is usually in the form of art and literature.

Folk art and culture are integral parts of our society. The folk artists and performers live in remote areas, away from the mainstream. They are self-taught and draw their inspiration from the folk tales, epics and oral traditions that they inherit from the past. So we get to see a lot of art and craft in the form of hand embroidery, painted pottery, wood carvings and metalwork but the preservation and promotion of this art are not easy.

Indian folk art has its roots in Indian culture and traditions. It is one of the oldest art forms of India and has been around for centuries. Since India is such a diverse country, it is no surprise that there are so many different types of folk art, both ancient and modern. Folk art is not just limited to art, but also includes music, dance and other cultural traditions that are passed down from generation to generation.

So now you have a bit of an idea as to from where to take your inspiration. Hope this blog is a guide for you to draw beautiful Indian folk masterpieces and submit it on Children's Art Museum of India.

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