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Digital Transformation of Art

“A true artist can make artwork out of anything”

When we look back at all these years and actually analyze art, it is evident how art has transformed over these years. Artists have always sought unconventional and revolutionary art forms and mediums. Many avant-garde movements are rooted in the early 20s and this has challenged the perception of art and introduced a new way of understanding art. Artists emerging from such progressive movements brought with them a new way of thinking and a new way of creating. This is how mixed media art was born. An exciting era of massive changes in the artist's materials, introduction to new abstract art and major art transformation.

The development of technology has contributed massively toward these new art concepts and has changed the way art is created and shared. A platform that introduced groundbreaking artists and helped their innovative expressions to gain expanded access to whole new audience groups beyond the conventional boundaries of the art world. Technology has given these artists a position in society and has made their art to be seen.

Artists have progressively evolved with these technological changes and they not only use technological innovations as assistants in their creative process but these art- professionals are transforming the art world by leveraging these powerful techniques and tools as an art and design medium, allowing them to create immersive, and highly engaging art pieces that form the new mixed media art.

The art forms have drastically transformed into more digital formats. Now art is in the form of digital illustrations and the use of digital tools to create a final art piece. From walls, caves, books, cloth, and magazines, to finally on a computer screen, the canvas has changed but the thought and idea remain the same.

From portraits to landscapes and abstracts and finally the creation of digital art, the way of representation is more minimalistic and requires fewer art supplies. Change in the art form has been massively caused due to this digital era of artists. Every artist has their own comfort tool but for many, this comfort tool is their screen. The ease of creating anywhere and the ability to carry your art with you have made digital art very popular. This is a new and coming form of art, with a major market all over the world. A new way to capture the thoughts and present the ideas of creative minds.

Art will transform with the changes around it but will always remain the main source of creativity irrespective of the artwork or the medium used.

“Digital is the new Minimal”

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