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How does technology impact art?

Artists are being compelled to find new ways to display their work as a result of the pandemic. While many people are enthusiastic about technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) in art distribution, they are sceptical about their ability to create art. They believe such pieces will lack creativity and be generally out of place.

This blog discusses how combining technology and the arts will result in new ways to create, display, protect, and monetize artwork. Perhaps it will inspire you to use artificial intelligence as a service to help you realise your visions.

Artificial intelligence-generated art can look a lot like human-made art. The AICAN tool, for example, was trained on 100,000 paintings by famous artists such as Bruegel and Rembrandt. A slew of other AI-powered apps can assist artists in creating paintings.

Art created by robots

Mini robots that draw colourful lines following clear instructions to self-sufficient robot artists who can imitate humans in creating art are all examples of robots in the art industry.

Julian Adenauer and Michael Haas designed a robot that moves around on a canvas, leaving a colourful trail in its wake. This work of art is displayed on the Berlin Gallery's wall. It evolves each day as the robot moves around, adding colour in response to Haas' concept of creation, "the process of creation is ideally endless."

What role do augmented reality and virtual reality play for artists?

Extended reality's first beneficiaries were the gaming and entertainment industries. Individual artists, museums, and galleries soon followed suit, turning to VR and AR development firms.

Nubumichi Asai, a Japanese artist, was one of the first to use augmented reality in the arts. He enlisted the help of a group of technology experts and makeup artists to develop an app that projects patterns onto a moving face. This software can detect and project within the contours of a human face.

Hope you were able to learn something new about emerging art trends. Don't forget to share this with your fellow artsits.

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